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2013 Year in Review

Now that the fireworks have died down on my side of the globe, it’s a good time to look back on how we did this year.

Things I Did

  • Doodle a Day: 155 recorded doodles/WIPS including commissions, etc.
  • Icon Days 01-03: 33 black and white icons, 23 colored icons, 1 ACEO
  • 14 custom art and crafts commissions (illustrations, notebooks, bracelets, t-shirts)
  • 7 journal comics for It’s a Mellama!
  • 1 piece for Crowdfunding Creative Jam
  • 50 hands + 50 feet sketches for SenshiStock’s challenge
  • Launched Project Dollicessories, sold 15 handmade BJD headphones and some BJD bracelets at the Manika Manila Tiangge 2013 event
  • Around 75 bracelets (semi-precious stones, wooden beads, paper beads, etc.) to sell under a new brand.
Writing + Blogging
  •  12+ Kasiyahan posts
  • 12 Kuwarto posts
  • 4 story/novel drafts from class
  • 4 papers for Art Criticism. My favorite: a critique of Philippine Ragnarok Online’s Representation of Philippine Culture in Port Malaya
  • Started a vlog
Websites & Social Media
General Work
  • 2 months working as an art teacher for Young Artists’ Studio. Also worked for vMeme, their art gallery.
  • Invested in a wire-binding machine for PaperCanvas, after saving for four long years c:
  • Launched my own Patreon page!
  • Invested in a Yiynova DP10U drawing tablet.
  • I never notice until my friends point it out to me, but: I’m still trying to do so many of these things on my own. I must know where to focus my energies. Develop one thing first before jumping to another project.
  • There were some opportunities that I unfortunately could not take on because of my mental and financial health. Hopefully, now I will be better equipped to take them on.
  • I was gunning for four Icon Days, but because the second one was a collab set back by a number of delays, I only managed three. This was a lesson in time and people management.
  • I’m glad I was able to write at least one Kasiyahan post a month. Now to push for two posts a month.
  • I didn’t end up drawing everyday for Doodle a Day because of many health factors and work. I’m still incredibly proud of myself for drawing so much this year. I’ll try to beat my high score this year. :)
  • This was the year I first tried crowdfunding. I have gotten some repeat customers this way and it’s boosted my confidence in what I am capable of.
  • I tried to launch some promo commissions this year that didn’t really any bites. It could be for any number of factors. Rather than be discouraged by it, I’ll work harder on producing more content, and keep trying to get my work out there.
  • I’ve improved greatly in drawing portraits. Now I thoroughly enjoy drawing noses! However, I must practice gesture drawing and other parts of the body, especially full body poses. I’d also like to practice backgrounds, color, composition, layout, etc. too.
  • I am still on the constant quest to not be too perfectionist about my work. So, here’s to being braver at starting and finishing projects in a timely manner so that I can share them with the world!
Things I’d Like to Do for 2014
  • Write one short story a month.
  • Write two entries a month for Kasiyahan.
  • Doodle a Day again!
  • Create a finished piece of artwork once a month.
  • Draw at least one journal comic every month for It’s a Mellama!
  • Maintain a Daily Gratitude Jar.
  • Practice my Japanese every day.
  • Keep my social media accounts updated about my recent work.
To Publish
  • Have my Port Malaya paper proofread, and publish it online.
  • Have my YA Novel proofread, and get it published.
  • Finish my screenplay for my current Scriptwriting Class, pitch it to movie companies.
  • Launch Chef Chronicles site.
General Plans
  • Make more art products for sale.
  • Open my PaperCanvas Etsy store.
  • Work on Doodle a Day Challenge site.
  • Take my Language Exam for my Master’s Degree in the second semester.

I know this plan of action is not set in stone. It can grow or shrink according to the things life will throw my way.

If there is anything I have learned this year, it’s that I have so much more support of so many more people than I ever thought I have. I learned that everything I do has value and meaning to the people around me. I also learned from my small success in commissions and crowdfunding that my work has value and that people are willing to pay for me to keep doing my thing. I’m also learning not to be so afraid to create, and to put my work out there. I’m still learning that finished now is better than perfect never. I’m still afraid of what the future holds, but I’m slowly, I’m taking small steps and trying to be a little less terrified, day by day.

Thanks for being here with me, everybody. I’m especially grateful to all the new friends and patrons I’ve made this year. Hopefully the next year will be kinder to all of us. Happy New Year and here’s to a productive 2014!

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