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Why Hire Me for Your Content Marketing Needs?

From 2016-2017, I worked together with the Digital Marketing department of SlideGenius, Inc. to bring organic traffic up from 1k per month in March 2015 to 10k per month in February 2016.

I also helped SlideGenius get at least one guest post published weekly, as well as become a regular monthly contributor to several sites within six months.

How did we get those numbers up so high? Of course, we couldn’t have done it without well-written blog posts, visually-engaging infographics, compelling link outreach efforts, timely video campaigns, and targeted social media bursts, the copywriting and graphics of which I oversaw from the brainstorming process up until publication.

But it all boiled down to this one crucial strategy: understanding our target audience on a deeper level, and delivering content that pinpointed and solved their most important pain points.

Want to do the same for your audience?

Let me help you with your content marketing pain points, too. Tell me what you need by e-mailing