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We Won! Rose & Bay Awards Best Art Category 2014

rose and bay awards best art 2014 badge

Thank you so much to everybody who voted for us! Our project, “Icon Day”, won the Rose & Bay Awards in the Best Art Category for 2014. We’re so honored that you enjoyed our project, and we hope to launch more like it in the near future.

While we’re on the topic, drawing for Icon Day 04 is still in progress. Grad school has been a bit busy, but we’re looking to complete this batch by the end of March 2014. We’re thinking of launching a new experimental crowdfunding project by April 2014, so keep on the lookout for that! :)

Some posts I meant to make in February, but will catch up with this month: Ayala Museum’s Art to Heart event which I volunteered for as a sketch artist, and the best lessons I learned from GraphikaManila 2014.

Hope all of you are having a great March so far!

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