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Site Launch

Hello everyone! I’m excited to finally have a little corner of the internet of my own again. :) Welcome to my official site and blog. Please feel free to look around.

I’ll be adding more content as I go along. Right now, I’m just happy to have finished tweaking my new online home.

I have (and have had) many blogs ever since I first got my little fingers onto the internet at a young age, but this will be my career blog, if you can call it that. I’ll post hopefully weekly or monthly updates on what I’m up to, as well as my thoughts on my chosen professions. Most art or writing posts here will probably be round-up posts, so if you’d like a more-than-weekly dose of my sketches and works in progress, you can always check out my art blog.

Speaking of things I’m up to, I am planning to launch a few new designs for PaperCanvas: Personalized Hand-Painted Notebooks by next month, and there is a possibility that I will be joining a local art exhibit… I’ve also been into paper bead jewelry making, so I may upon a storefront for them all soon. :) Right now, though, I am much more focused on making sure that I perform well in my current semester of grad school as a full time student. Gotta read, read, read, and write, write ,write!

Thanks so much for visiting! See you again soon, I hope.

– Mel

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