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New Project: Icon Day 05

It’s time for Icon Day 05! Come in and request an icon in exchange for a signal boost. Everyone’s icons start out as sketches. With every tip, we unlock group incentives such as inked, flat colored, shaded, and extra icons. Tip certain amounts and you can upgrade your icon from 100×100 to an ACEO, full body illustration, or digital painting. Woah!

Request on DreamWidth (preferred) or Request on Livejournal

Spread the word, and let’s have another great icon day! Thank you so much as always for your support! ♥

FREE requests until 11:59pm (UTC +08:00) of July 7, 2014.
Tips for incentives will be open until 11:59pm of July 14, 2014.
Anyone who tips by July 14, 2014 is guaranteed an icon even if free requests are closed.

Click the tip jar below to leave a tip directly via PayPal! You don’t need an account to do so. A debit card or credit card works just as well. :)

 Spread the word and let’s make those stretch goals happen! Thank you so much!

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