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New Blog: The Chef Chronicles


To those who used to follow me on Livejournal, you may remember a silly, fun activity I used to do called Cooking Adventures. If you’ve missed my ridiculousness, I’ve turned it up a notch because I now have my ever-enthusiastic partner Aiken helping me out. We’ve revived and relaunched The Chef Chronicles!

Our first new adventure happens to be our attempt to cook carbonara! Watch with awe and wonder as we figure out how to cook this Flying Spaghetti Monstrosity. I’m also going to be moving all my old cooking adventures (all the way from 2008, zoinks!) to this new site as soon as I can.

I have re-arranged the Navigation Menu to have a new ‘Blogs’ section, and have added Chef Chronicles under it. Please do visit our new site, maybe leave a comment, share it with your friends, and have fun!

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