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What I’ve Been Working On: July-Early August 2013

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Currently all of my writing is for my graduate classes, but the most I can tell you all so far is that one piece is a non-fiction narrative about my relationship (or relationships) on the internet, and the other is a fiction piece about the tangling of families… that I need to revise and gut a lot out of for it to be a lot more coherent. First Drafts Always Suck (TM). I should probably make a shirt out of that. I’ve also been writing a lot of papers for my Art Criticism class, and it’s been doing me good! Frequent writing really does exercise your writing muscles, even if at first most of what comes out is not so good.

I have a couple of drafts saved for Kasiyahan… most of them containing only words or phrases as jump-off points. Still, expect a post within the month!

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