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Drabble a Day 2015: January Compilation Post

Hello everybody! I’ve also been doing Drabble a Day, where I try to write at least 100 words a day, no matter how rough or unedited they turn out to be. I currently post my drabbles into individual entries on my Dreamwidth journal under the tag “Drabble a Day”. I’m still figuring out whether I should move them somewhere else or not, but for now, I’ll compile the results for the month of January 2015 here by linking to their equivalent Dreamwidth entries. I’ve placed the tentative project/universe title in brackets, then the first sentence or phrase of each drabble next to the equivalent day.

01: [Less Talk, More Robots] Yna thought it was strange that Gen. Hendrickson stopped coming to the bi-weekly board meetings.
02: [Henna Hotel] You didn’t have to do that, Julius.
03: [Less Talk, More Robots] Why do you get to be Glynn, but I have to be Glen?
04: –
05: [Less Talk, More Robots] It was difficult for Nathan to find the words…
06: –
07: [N/A] She didn’t know what to do about it…
08: –
09: [It Takes Two] What a spineless coward.
10: [N/A] She never really understood what it meant whenever he made a joke at her.
11: –
12: –
13: –
14: –
15: –
16: –
17: [N/A] (secret :P)
18: –

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