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Doodle a Day: On Hold

Hello everyone!

For the time being, I have decided to put my Doodle a Day daily sketch art blog on hold for various reasons. One of them is to take a step back and analyze what was not working in the system I had devised (compile all works at the end of the week or month), and how I can make things easier and less stressful for myself. Another is that it started to become a chore rather than something to look forward to, because I had been punishing myself to sketch “make-up pieces” for every day that I missed. After talking with a good friend about it, I realized punishing myself was counterproductive. This project was supposed to be both about practicing art, getting back into drawing regularly, and having fun while doing it.

I will start over with the project whenever I feel that I am ready to tackle it again, perhaps later this year, or maybe January next year. In any case, it has been a valuable learning experience for me, and I am definitely excited to get back on track! :)

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