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Hi! I’m Mel G. Cabral, a Filipina artist and writer. I love to think up new ideas, and I take great joy in seeing them come to fruition.

I do:
Illustration | Graphic Design | Hand-Made Jewelry | Arts and Crafts | On-the-Spot Caricatures | Face and Body Painting | Article Writing | Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing | Art and Game Criticism | Video Editing | Layouting | Copyediting and Proofreading | Silkscreen and Rubbercut Printing | Hand-Painted Notebooks | Ball-Jointed Doll Accessories | Photography | Self-Care and Mental/Emotional Health Advocacy

… to name a few.

I’m happily taken by my amazing partner and fellow artist, Aiken Garcia.

I graduated from the College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines Diliman with a Bachelor of Fine Arts: Major in Visual Communication, and have returned to my beloved alma mater to take up a Master of Arts in Creative Writing in the College of Arts and Letters.

I’m fond of animation, comics, illustration, books, video games, and the culture of the world wide web.

I dabble in both digital and analog/traditional art. Some of my favorite media to use are pencils, technical ink pens, colored pencils, alcohol-based markers, watercolors, and acrylics. As for programs, I am fond of using Adobe Photoshop and Manga Studio. For writing, I work best at a computer with a keyboard, but sometimes I find it more fulfilling to put ideas to paper with a pen.

I’ve loved both drawing and writing ever since I was a child. I became invested in any media that had charming visuals and compelling stories: books, movies, comics, even video games. I find it amazing how much meaning words and visuals can have, how one word or dot or line may be similar to another, and how such small parts of the whole can potentially change the entire meaning of a piece.

Thus, I have found I express myself and what I understand of the world we live in best through writing and art.It is not only about expressing myself, but about making other people think and feel about their own perception of the world around them. Beyond that, I want to be able to create work that moves people and makes them act. While entertaining people is wonderful in itself, what I want more than anything is to help develop a better society through creativity and collaboration.

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