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The uneventful but insightful end to my New Year’s eve.

(Content notes: mention of creepy crawlie insects, in case that isn’t your thing, as it is also not my thing.)

On my way up the staircases going to our floor, I overheard, in one of the condo units, a father playing something along the lines of hide and seek.

In regular intervals, the father would shout “BAUGHH!!!” (or a variation thereof, which I believe he intended to be more like ‘boo’), and a little girl would shriek (with delight, I cannot ascertain.)

It was the only floor where the lights were on.

This continued as I made my three-floor trek home. The father would go “BAALAAUGHHAUGHHH”, which sounded utterly ridiculous to me, but was the equivalent of Freddy Kruger to said child.

As I ascended to the second floor, I found myself in complete darkness. I flipped the light switch on, only to find a solitary cockroach lazily crawling around on the stone floor.

My initial reaction was to freeze in place, as I have the greatest fear of cockroaches. Even the tiniest ones send chills crawling up my spine. I’d like to think the roach paused, too, but that would have been wishful thinking.

I observed it for a moment, and, feeling inspired by the lively father faintly yelling “BOOOAAAUGHH!!!” one floor below me, decided the proper course of action was to say:


The cockroach continued its lazy crawl as if it never heard me.

I felt quite rightfully insulted. How dare it ignore me! Almost to the point of lecturing it: I can be quite terrifying if I want to be, I’ll have you know.

But then I wondered: what if it were the other way around, and the cockroach thought it was scaring -me-? What if I’m the one it was expecting to see scream and run away? Well, not so fast, I won’t fall for -that- trick.

So I promptly went on my way up the last staircase to our unit, snubbing the little guy (or gal, or both, or neither, I never did want to find out), feeling quite proud of myself.

Of course, as I struggled to put the key the right way into our lock (oh, my pride), I laughed at how silly it all was. Thus this overcomplicated, overthought status was born, all thanks to an overzealous parent and an insect that, while I normally loathe them, was otherwise minding its own business, and inspired this silly drabble. I ought to write more on the mundane moments of my life, I thought, and at least possibly entertain other people in the process.

So goes my New Year’s resolution, to write more often, with less excuses and more words. Smartphones have made it easier to type prose compared to the number keypads which required much labor on my part, whenever I was stuck in lines. Perhaps I won’t make 100 words a day like I said I would this year, but I will make 100+ more words than I did before starting each day.

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone!

(Yes, even you, little roach. Even if you snubbed me. Hmph!)

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