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New Blog: The Chef Chronicles

New Blog: The Chef Chronicles


To those who used to follow me on Livejournal, you may remember a silly, fun activity I used to do called Cooking Adventures. If you’ve missed my ridiculousness, I’ve turned it up a notch because I now have my ever-enthusiastic partner Aiken helping me out. We’ve revived and relaunched The Chef Chronicles!

Our first new adventure happens to be our attempt to cook carbonara! Watch with awe and wonder as we figure out how to cook this Flying Spaghetti Monstrosity. I’m also going to be moving all my old cooking adventures (all the way from 2008, zoinks!) to this new site as soon as I can.

I have re-arranged the Navigation Menu to have a new ‘Blogs’ section, and have added Chef Chronicles under it. Please do visit our new site, maybe leave a comment, share it with your friends, and have fun!

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New Stores: Art Cards and Hand-Painted Notebooks on Etsy

New Stores: Art Cards and Hand-Painted Notebooks on Etsy


Great news, everybody! We’ve just launched our PaperCanvas Etsy Store last January. Hop on over to browse some beautifully painted notebooks by myself, my partner Aiken, and my artist friend Jessie Fenequito. You can also order some lovingly carved notebooks like River Song’s diary from Doctor Who. :) They make for fantastic custom gifts and we allow for personalisation as well. Order one now for a loved one!

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.39.11 PM

We’ve also put up several ACEO/art card originals on our MelAiken Studios Etsy Store. I’ve got cards ranging from cute fan-art to highly detailed Zentangle-inspired paintings. :) They make for affordable pocket art. Please check them out and start your ACEO collection now!

I have added both stores under the “Shops” category in the Navigation Menu. We hope you enjoy our new offerings!

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2014 Rose & Bay Awards Nomination

2014 Rose & Bay Awards Nomination

Hi everybody! My crowdfunding project Icon Day was nominated for the Best Art Category in the 2014 Rose & Bay Awards.

From the crowdfunding Livejournal community:

“The Rose and Bay Award focuses on a growing business model known as “crowdfunding” or “cyberfunded creativity,” which directly connects creative people and patrons of the arts online.  This award recognizes exemplary projects and enthusiastic patrons.  It currently features six categories: Art, Fiction, Poetry, Webcomic, Other Project, and Patron.  (Other Project includes any cyberfunded creativity that isn’t art, fiction, poetry, or webcomic — or that spans more than one category — such as movies, music, etc.” 

If you liked my work for Icon Day, please vote for me. There are also some other really cool projects in the art category. I encourage you to check them out too.

For reference, here are the final products of each Icon Day, and their original posts: 010203.

Thanks a bunch, everybody! ♥

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